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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012/2013 Residency Match Results - SGU - IMG/FMG - Specialty

Have you looked at the NRMP (National Residency Match Program) 2012 Match Results?
**update, now The 2013 Results ARE POSTED.

The number of applicants have increased more than the number of spots added to the match. Make sure you are informed so you don't end up not matching. 

  • Look at the information overall 
  • by Specialty you are interested in
  • by US, DO, FMG, and IMG statistics over the last 4 years in this report. Also divides data by state.
  • Look at detailed data within each specialty
  • Which programs had left over spots
  • Which specialties favored US FMG or Int FMGs
  • What Board scores almost never got interviews or almost always got interviews

Don't rely on Dr. John Madden's outdated seminars from 2008. You should get the most recent statistics!

Also!! There is a list in the end of this report that:
  • shows ALL the residency programs by state
  • which hospitals they are in
  • how many spots are available in each specialty offered
SO LOOK! ---> http://www.nrmp.org/data/index.html

You can compare and utilize the Match Reports for SGU students over the last 4 years also to gain a good understanding of how things turn out for us FMG/IMG students.

  • who matched
  • where they matched
  • Does not tell who got pre-lim spots vs categorical spots, so you can just compare the PGY-1 spots to the number of PGY-2 spots in the same specialty. It takes a little work but this information is available.

Here is the SGU Match Results page:




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