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Monday, December 31, 2012

SGU PD Kit Amazon Links - Save yourself some $$$ *updated*

+ Everything you need for your SGU PD KIT in Term 2 and term 4/5 + beyond. These are the main items.  + Despite what your medical school tries to sell, you DO NOT need to get the School kit for $800+. You can save hundreds of dollars and buy yourself a nice trip to Barbados instead. + Remember, these instruments are for Practice/Learning, not clinical practice. Many of these items will be provided to you in hospital/clinic, and you won't be required to carry them around. Even for Step 2 CS and OSCE exams, they are provided to you. If anything, get a nice stethoscope and penlight (the two things you will carry with you everywhere you go). + If you'd like a Quality Otoscope/Opthalmoscope than the ACD, go with Welsch-Allen, (posted below). It magnifies what you're seeing better, but it will cost you. Still, Amazon will save you a hundred bucks. There are two cheaper options, the ADC and Welch Allyn, they work well enough, but lack things like different colored lenses (which they don't teach us to use), and a slightly dimmer light compared to the Welch. I have this and it works fine. + The automatic BP Cuff by ACD is really easy to use compared to the old school EMT type cuff too near the bottom, most hospitals/clinics will have the old school type. The stethoscope you choose needs a diaphragm and a bell, like the Littmann. +All in all, you are learning technique, and most of the time your tutors will supply these things for you, these are mostly so you can practice on your own. Some people borrow a friends for the few exams you need them for in term 4, but it looks like most people bought their own. Happy Shopping!

+ There are many styles of "Doctor Bags" in case you want something suited for your style. +Also, the penlights, BP cuff, and Reflex hammers all have multiple colors if that suits your style and you want to match scrubs. 

<-- +Here's a link to the Quality Welsch-Allyn Otoscope/Opthalmoscope
(Still Cheaper than SGU website). I actually reccommend this one if you plan on using it in the future (beyond medical school) 

+Don't Forget Extra Disposable Specula! You'll need more of the larger ones (4mm, **Latex-free are posted down below - Especially for the ACD kit. (btw, the 2.5 mm are more for children)

+Here's the tourniquet you need btw, if you want to get it, again this is one of those items you don't need because it's usually supplied, but if you insist its gotta be big enough for your thigh.
+ This pocket chart (although not snellen, has a RULER on the side, super useful to measure JVP. . .
*** THE PANOPTIC WELCH ALLYN OPTHALMOSCOPE IS SO GOOD. I came across this in clinical practice and I swear, you can finally see the whole eye in a circle like the textbooks!!
+IPHONE/GADGETS!! I am excited to announce some nifty products for those who like using new technology!! This is the medicine of the future people, start getting used to it + check it out!
  • Iphone Pulse Oximeter adapter!
  • Iphone blood pressure cuff adapter!
  • USB Otoscope + portable veinfinder
  • *soon there will be otoscope/opthalmoscope adapters + Ultrasound adapters for Phones!       
  • also, Check out this Free App you can use to measure your heart rate --> FREE HR App - it tracks the fluctuations of color in your fingertip as it is perfused with blood with each heart beat, giving you a waveform and surprisingly accurate heart rate.


  1. I'm having trouble seeing the links...any help with this? Thanks

    1. It is possible your browser's settings are preventing the images from loading, you installed a content blocker, or your cookies are full. I would suggest trying a different browser for now or checking your browser settings. Ad-blockers might do this.

  2. Why as a person who is going to take care of peoples lives, would you buy such low quality products like ACD. If someone was taking care of your mom would you want to know that her Doctor saved $300 dollars buying lower quality products? Also the links to all the other Welch Allyn Products are from non Welch Allyn distributors so good luck being covered if the items breaks.

    Also why would someone take advise from a person who cant spell the name of the product correctly. It is Welch Allyn not Welsch Allyn.

    Also i bet you will take down my Post soon.

    1. Thank you for your question, and rudeboy comments. I apologize for my spelling error, don't we all make careless spelling errors from time to time? And especially in the medical profession! Many students are of other cultures as Foreign medical grads and for many of them, english is not their first language!

      Have you read the feedback comments on amazon regarding the satisfaction with the items? The quality of these instruments are not poor, and really make little difference to our ability to help the sick, because we use these for practice while in training. In real-world clinical practice with real patients, of course we would use the best instruments available. The reality is most of us while in school can't afford your Expensive Welch Allyn otoscopes and don't need them! Hospitals and Clinics provide these tools on site during rotations and residency, with the exception of stethoscopes. Would I use the ACD products on my family members? Absolutely! At the end of the day, they really do what they are supposed to. Clinical diagnosis is dependent on the user, not the instrument, and we all need to have affordable options to use during medical school!

      Please, I ask that when you criticize someone for their options, don't be so accusatory and insulting of one's career choice before being aware of all the details. Thank you for your criticism!

    2. IshRyan,

      You are awesome! Your website is sooo helpful, thank you so much for taking the time to help out other students like myself!

      Not every one is going to appreciate all that you do and that's okay. Down the road, you may be criticized more than you may be applauded. But remember, if people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you're above them. The way you responded to that close-minded comment was brilliant. Stay classy, gentleman.

      Wish you the best~

  3. Content blocker? Do you mean the links are not visible because we are using an Ad blocker? Shouldn't you have a disclaimer that you are getting paid every time someone clicks on the links on your site?

    1. Yes, it is possible an ad-blocker is the issue. The links are amazon links so they might be blocked. Simply unblock, its 100% safe.

      As far as a disclaimer, I'm not sure I understand your concern. The links provided re-direct you to amazon.com, and amazon is who you are paying for the kit, not anyone associated with this blog, I hope that is clear. The blog is here to help! Thank you for your question!

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