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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shipping + Tipping *updated*

  •  So far, if you want something shipped here, be prepared to pay 50% tax on imported goods. Yes, they will look up the price online at the PO. The trip to the post office is a 5-10 min drive from campus and the number 1 bus, I believe, frequents the route, which only costs a couple EC.
  • ***Where is the post office??***  ... If you take the number 1 Reggae bus towards the Carrinage, Its right across the street from the Texaco that you pass just before you get to the water. If you pass the Fire Station, you've gone too far. 
  • You can alternatively pay a lot of money for Fedex and it will come straight to the school/your address.
  • Postcards sent out from Grenada seem to take a week or two.

Frustrating, I know. The best way is to just make friends and have people coming to the island bring items in person through customs. People fly in and out often enough, if you ask around.
That's the fastest/cheapest way. Or... try your odds at seducing the folks at the post office.

Rules of Thumb:

  1. BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED WITH YOU IN YOUR LUGGAGE  - feel free to ask what things are not available... most everything is (see: LIST TO BRING)
  2. Don't plan on having anything expensive shipped to the island (you will pay 150% of the price)
For GSPers: 
  • Put as much expensive stuff on the cargo ship. That includes Microwaves if your apartment won't have one, Fans, Bicycles, big stuff, books, Cameras, etc (plus the airlines in England will charge you A LOT for extra weight so don't risk it. (I had to leave all $800 of my Term 1 books at the airport to avoid a $200 charge)
  • Unlike England, you should tip here.
Tipping:  It seems to be customary to leave atleast an EC per drink at the bar. Restaurants will pick up/add their tips to your bill so be aware.

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