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Saturday, December 29, 2012

NEW! First Aid 2013 - Basic Science, Rotations, Step 1 + 2 - Resource 2013

The new FA Step 1 book is out! I'm not sure how different this version will be compared to the 2012 version, as the 2012 edition had many differences with the previous ones, including color. Overall, most of these dating back to 2009 are more or less identical, but they do make some changes that reflect the updates to the USMLE content, year to year. With the recent changes to the percentage of clinical-natured of the questions and the updates to the CS exam format emphasizing more clinical understanding, it would be wise to attain a newer version, as these changes have been implementing over the last couple years. Good luck!

STEP 2 CK and CS:
There is so much discussion about what book is the best resource. There are so many choices as well. Now. I have read several forumn, book reviews, etc and I still have problems, as most of these books are constantly updating to new editions.

This is what I have understood so far. In terms of being most comprehensive First Aid Step 2 CK (8th) > Step Up to Medicine (3rd) > Master the Boards (2nd). So, really it depends on what one book you want to spend time taking notes in and reading. Keep in mind for Kaplan videos, again they seem to be too comprehensive and time consuming assuming you really learned nothing during clinicals and step 1, and DIT seems to be less helpful compared to Step 1 course. This may be due to the fact it follows Step up to USMLE Step 2 book instead of the comprehensive book, and people have complained over and over about this, and thus abandoned Step 2 DIT course. However, there is a new edition of this book being released in April 2013, which may Change the way people feel about this resource. Finally, First Aid Boards and Wards (5th), is a pocket book, that really captures what you need to know about each specialty, from the perspective of someone in a different specialty. They tried to put surgery in terms of an internist, and pediatrics in terms for a surgeon. So it really helps a breadth of individuals whatever your strengths are and should help you in the Shelf exams and pimping, and Step 2.

From my experience, the Step Up to Medicine (3rd) is the best complete resource so far. Although, I dont think it covers surgery or obgyn in quite the detail it deserves for your core rotations, but it covers the high yield information for the Step 2 CK, as those topics aren't quite as massive sections as is Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Others seem to agree.

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